“Why should I place my business with a reseller when I can go direct with a carrier?” First of all, most resellers require no volume/usage commitment in order to obtain great rates...

Resellers understand that a client's traffic pattern can fluctuate throughout the year, and they shouldn't be penalized for it. Additionally, resellers can offer your business 'network diversity' with a single point of contact, as they have partnerships with multiple tier 1 carrier networks -- which allows you to have multi-carrier based services for true redundancy. For example, if carrier #1 goes down, they can automatically switch traffic to carrier #2 within minutes, allowing your business to continue with minimal interruption. As far as rates go, a reseller usually offers better pricing than you could obtain direct from the carrier, because resellers produce much more volume than a single business, allowing them more influence to negotiate with the carrier for aggressively low rates. And if you’re concerned about putting your mission critical business communications in the hands of a reseller because you’re worried that it will take longer to fix potential problems (due to one service provider having to call another) consider this: a reseller is more likely to resolve a technical problem faster because they have direct contact info of the person(s) much higher up in the customer service chain-of-command within a large tier 1 carrier.