What are your company’s voice and data requirements? As an unbiased bandwidth consultant, our responsibility is to match you up with the best possible carrier based on your specific needs... (more)

“Isn’t DSL or Cable sufficient for my office?” This depends upon the size of your company and how you’re going to use the bandwidth. If you have 10 or more employees all using an internet connected computer plus a telephone line each, it would be advantageous to have a full T1 installed. (more)

“Why should I place my business with a reseller when I can go direct with a carrier?” First of all, most resellers require no volume/usage commitment in order to obtain great rates...  (more)

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Our fast and easy real-time quoting system is unique and unmatched within the telecom industry. We have the only true ‘real-time’ processor which queries our massive database of carriers and their services, to provide you a highly detailed quote based on your exact geographic location, all within seconds. To try out our free no obligation, online quote tool, please click here.

We provide a wide range of business class broadband services for companies throughout the United States. Acquiring new voice and/or data communications systems for your organization is a much easier task with the assistance of a telecommunications broker or consultant. A professional who has exclusive partnerships with major carriers/vendors, and will provide you with lower rates, better provisioning, and personalized customer care: a benefit lacking in today’s high-turnover workforce. By choosing a carrier through our network, you will always have the security of multiple points of contact for any customer service needs. And availability is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year on our direct toll-free line. A live consultant is always ready to answer your questions via phone and/or email.


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A listing of our available services:   Data-Internet T1/DS1, Fractional DS1, Bonded or NxT1, Local & Long Distance Voice T1 or PRI, 1FB/POTS, Integrated Voice & Data T1, T3/DS3, Fractional DS3, Point-to-Point/Private Line, MPLS, VoIP, SIP Trunking, Multi-Location Wide Area Networking, Fiber Optic Buildout, Fast Ethernet and GigE, plus OC3 all the way up to OC192!

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